Trend : Nail Polish

Multi color nail

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OPI Black shatter

Grey and Beige



Lady gaga – Born this way costume credit

Lady gaga
Born this way

One of the biggest talking points of last week centered around the new album Born This Way Lady Gaga. It was only a matter of time before the biggest name in modern music and the fashion industry collaborated together. And last week the inevitable happened when a remix of a track from Born this Way was debuted at the Mugler runway show in Paris.

A short mouthwatering video was shortly released so everyone who was unable to see the show could get a taste of the fashion, and the remixed track. Both combined perfectly with the electro pop sounds given an edgier feel by the heavy bass line and the repetitive lyrics often spoken in German complimenting the dark manly designs by Nichola Formichetti.

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Costume detail

LADY GAGA wears head accessory ALEXIS BITTAR
diamond neckpiece ERICKSON BEAMON
earrings PAMELA LOVE
stained glass dress by PETRA STORRS

LADY GAGA wears bra by OMD
gloves by LACRASIA
customized half sole shoes by CAPEZIO

LADY GAGA wears tuxido outfit by MUGLER
RICO wears tuxido outfit by MUGLER

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Spring summer 2011 Trend&Surface

Market color
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Color for men

Color for women

Color for young men

Color for young women

Color for kids

Dare Devil Trend

American superhero film and directed by Mark Steven Johnson.Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who fights for justice in the courtroom and out of the courtroom as the masked vigilante Daredevil.

trend summer 2011


Ventriloquist 2011 summer trend

Ventriloquist 2011 summer trend

Ventriloquist 2011 summer trend


Mur mur

mur mur 2011 summer trend

mur mur 2011 summer trend

mur mur 2011 summer trend


precision 2011 summer trend

precision 2011 summer trend

precision 2011 summer trend

precision 2011 summer trend


daydream 2011 summer trend

daydream 2011 summer trenddaydream 2011 summer trend

daydream 2011 summer trend

Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), better known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American pop musician.

Katy Perry and released her first Internet single “Ur So Gay” that November, which garnered public attention; but failed to chart. She rose to fame with the release of her second single “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008, She has since become well recognized for having an unconventional style of dress and often combines bold colors and vintage fashion. Her sophomore studio album Teenage Dream was released in August 2010 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. The album included hit singles “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream”

Katy Perry style

Perry is known for her unconventional style of dress.It is often humorous, bright in color, and reminiscent of different decades, and she frequently uses fruit-shaped accessories, mainly watermelon, as part of her outfits.

Having learned dancing at an early age, she fancied about having her own style.She defines her fashion style as “a bit of a concoction of different things”,Perry’s stylist, described her style, upon meeting her for the first time, as “very colorful and vintage

Very colorful

Eyewear and Fifties look

One unexpected facial accessory of 50s was spectacles.   Frequently these were inlaid with diamante or scattered glitter dust.  The exaggerated wings at the outer corners flared in the style of butterfly wings.

The late 1950’s playsuit

Each one of the late 1950’s swimsuits above had detachable straps and almost very woman appears to be wearing what we would view as the equivalent of a beach corset!  This is particularly noticeable in the mustard version which seems to almost be a coloured corselette.

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Style research

Casual wear

Balenciaga spring 2010

Nicolas Ghesquière has decided the world has quite enough cocktail wear to be getting along with. “I wanted to do something urban. No more history for the moment!” he said ,

collection details : the hoodie (done here as a highly structured paneled leather vest); skinny, vertically patchworked jeans; complex tanks; and sporty kilts.


Lanvin spring 2010

Collection  details : was a triumph of breathtaking technical achievement: drapey, pleated jumpsuits in polyester (“like collapsing fabric,” Elbaz said); a candy-store array of pink, salmon, peach, and vermilion; a dash of extraordinary fine leather.



Chanel spring 2011

Collection detail : The classic suit was reconfigured as a swingy A-line jacket with three-quarter sleeves and shorts as often as skirts. Almost everything had an unfinished feel, a thready, feathered edge. It loaned an enthralling urgency, and the fierce young spirit in the collection


Louis Vuitton spring 2011

Louis Vuitton, imagined a digital bohemian traveling the world via his computer screen

Collection detail : a little Chinese quilting; some abstracted animal prints , extreme sports in a laced parachute jacket or a cream quilted fencing jacket; a bit of safari in a curry-colored camp shirt.


3.1 Phillip Lim spring 2011

Collection detail : “city-fari,” vests and the belted “Laurent” jacket. If the translucent knits and trailing silk were a little forward.A cognac-colored windbreaker only looked as pliant as nylon—actually, it was whisper-thin lambskin.

Diesel Black Gold spring 2011

Collection detail : dusty colors , and for the most part, leather for the denim.Kokosalaki mentioned the desert inspired the palette she chose (caramels and cognacs, coppery greens and corals, sands and stones).

Evening wear

Christian Dior Haute couture spring 2010

Collection detail : swagged in dozens of yards of duchesse satin ,  “Naughty Nineties” pastel cocktail dresses and end with a sustained tour de force of satin whipped into ball gowns.

Jean Paul Gautier Haute couture fall 2010

collection detail : this was less vampire chic than an evocation of the glamorous heyday of Parisian haute couture. The pinstripe tailleur that followed, swathed in a huge silver fox, was a reminder of Gaultier’s mastery of the masculine/feminine hybrid.

 collection detail : energetic, ever-colorful designer’s fancy. Models wore bicycle-chain necklaces with the words “Ride Me.” The crinoline-poufed ball gowns finished with puff paint


Thom Browne spring 2008

Collection detail : sleeves that ended mid-bicep, Thom Browne loves the old red, white, and blue… in his own deeply twisted way.


Yves Saint Laurent spring 2011

Collection detail : the coats and jackets drawn in with a belt; the high-waisted.

Simon Spurr spring 2011

Collection detail : For the dandy back in the metropole, there was plaid and windowpane suiting with bold raspberry tones, and a baby pink pair of jeans.

Duckie Brown spring 2008

 Collection detail : Cox and Silver called their new collection ,as in a cropped trench over a white shirt , worn over white trousers and a color sense so absolutely un-American.


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The 1950s



was born in 1947s,created by christain Dior,typically defined by the generousy use of luxurious fabrics,a wasp-waisted silhouette with widely flared skirts.the “fifties”fashion stereotype of the poodle skirt and pony tail is a pale imitation of Dior’s newlook style. 


from the 1950s through the 1950s, Carmel snow was the most powerful fashion arbiter in the country.almost overnight,she took Harper’s Bazaar from a dowdy ladie’s magazine to a modern,revolutionary publication that, for a time, equaled its archrival, Voque.

Carmel Snow working on fashion shoot with photographer

Mary Jane Russel in Dior dress 1950s

Susie Parker in Jaques fath gown dress



The sexy fashion icon, Marilyn Monroe was born to be an actress.No matter what she dressed in, be it form fitting dresses or slacks and a blouse, she managed to draw attention to her figure without being provocative.

Read more: MARILYN MONROE, STYLE ICON | The Fashion Spot


 Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot was born in Paris,is a French animal rights activist and a former fashion model, actress and singer.In her early life, Bardot was an aspiring ballet dancer.

After that, she modeled in a fashion show in 1949 by the invitation of her mother’s acquaintance. In the same year, she modeled for a fashion magazine “Jardin des Modes


She appeared on an 8 March 1950 cover of ELLE and was noticed by a young film director

Then, she was offered the opportunity to audition for “Les lauriers sont coupés“.but shooting of the film was cancelled

So, it made her consider becoming an actress.

Her famous film “God created women”




In fashion the Bardot neckline (a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders) is named after her. Bardot popularized this style which is especially used for knitted sweaters or jumpers although it is also used for other tops and dresses.



Bardot is recognized for popularizing bikini swimwear in early films such as Manina (Woman without a Veil, 1952), in her appearances at Cannes and in many photo shoots



Bardot also brought into fashion the choucroute hairstyle or beehive hair style


Gingham is a balanced plain woven fabric,meaning “striped” made from Cotton.

she seemed to become a fashion icon for many people at that time



known as Liz Taylor, is an English-American actress. She is known for her acting talent and beauty, as well as her Hollywood life style, including many marriages. Taylor is also considered one of the great actresses of Hollywood Goilden age.


The Rock and roll fashion idols such as, Bill Haley,  James Dean , Jerry lee lewis.The main look for teenagers were greasers and preppies

BILL HALEY (Rock and roll singer)




worn by young teenager men, wearing cloths that inspired by Dandie in the Edwardian period



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get out into the city and get the streetstyle.

“a bangkok street style” ,showing photos of bangkok fashion from parties and bangkok fashion week such as, Paragon and Central world .All are already at the PEAK.


raw-edge tiered drop skirt